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Sandwich panels

The term “sandwich panel” denotes a compound of materials: the foam core, a well isolating polyurethane or (facing needs for fire prevention) mineral wool, and two thin-walled faces made from either steel or aluminium. The resulting structural element acts excellently as warmth insulation and as load-bearing roof and wall panelling.

Beside the well-known benefits achieved by the industrialised, continuous production, the usage of sandwich has achieved a notably improved aesthetic performanceby allowing for the individual choice of colours and coating techniques. Due to the immense structural rigidity und bearing capability, sandwich panels provide the optimal solution for roof and wall of industrial buildings.  A fast and easy assembly enables speedy execution and can help to create complete wall and roofs in the matter of days.


We provide highly optimised assembly plans, the design of the connecting details. We supervise and monitoring the correct installation on your construction site. While doing so, we focus on the building physics as well as the aesthetics.


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