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Ingenieurbüro ZBN

Verkleidung eines Silos mit Kassten
Lightweight Construction

Components like Sidings, trapezoidally corrugated sheets, liner trays and sandwich panels are used in almost any commercial and industrial construction. In this field we are global leaders. Starting from a simple depot up to a logistics centre, from a shopping mall up to a deep-freeze warehouse.

We offer consulting, design, detailing, planning, construction and verification. We secure the quality of the process in planning and of the final execution on site – worldwide.

Mitarbeiter ZBN im Planungsgespräch
Expert Opinion - Approval

On behalf of investors, turn-key contractors, the industry sector, insurances, administrative authorities and courts we examine new and old constructions. We solve the cause of damages and oversee the reconstruction. National and international certification, product development and patent procedure are our special field of expertise. Publicly appointed and sworn-in – with the right measuring instruments, hand in hand with universities, laboratories and authorities around the globe.

Indian Lady Presenting

Our branch office in Bangalore develops planning offices, guides and runs them. We are experts with the conditions and established a network of experienced specialists.

If you are planning to engage in the Indian market, just contact us.

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